The BGMRC will be conducting three (3) separate raffles in 2018 in accordance with the raffle permit obtained from the Coweta County Sheriff's office (copy of permit located on this page).

The winner of each raffle will receive a $1,000.00 gift certificate to the AR BUNKER in Newnan, GA.  The first raffle will begin May 2nd, 2018 and the drawing will be held on July 26th at approx 7:15PM at the monthly meeting.  the drawing will be streamed LIVE on our public facebook page at

The winner of each raffle will be posted on this webpage.

The dates for the second and third raffles will be announced here once applicable.

Funds from these raffles will be used to improve the repeater infrastructure in West Georgia.


Raffle tickets will require a donation of $20 per ticket.  Only 100 tickets will be sold per raffle +/- 10%.

In the event that 100 tickets are not sold the BGMRC reserves the right to extend the raffle period or to  conduct the raffle and the prize will be pro-rated based on the number of tickets sold.  As an example:  If only 50 tickets were sold for any given raffle the prize would reduce to $500.

If the winner chooses to use his/her gift certificate to purchase a firearm, the legal requirements of a background check/gun permit will be required.

Members of the BGMRC WILL be allowed to purchase raffle tickets.